Make Money

with NRG LipoSculpt

Below are two realistic forecasts for how cost efficient and profitable an NRG LipoSculpt machine will be for your business.

These figures are the minimum you should make. Most of our salons are doing much more, in some cases up to 40 treatments per week!


Bear in mind that the above figures are a projection based on our smaller salons. Some salons are making up to four times that amount.

There really is absolutely no risk in your purchasing decision, we are here to make you money, not cost you money.

That’s how much you can make, how much will it cost to have?

You can become an NRG LipoSculpt specialist from just £259.96 per month! That’s £59.98 per week (or £8.57 per day) to be exact.

That means you can have your very own NRG LipoSculpt machine for LESS than the cost of ONE treatment per week.

You can't afford not to have one.