We are proud to announce the launch of the NRG ICE Pro 50 IPL machine for permanent hair reduction. Our revolutionary machine is the first of it's kind that is not just IPL but a multi faceted treatment machine.

The new NRG ICE machine is revolutionary in that it is not just and IPL machine but a multi-treatment platform that also treats Thread Veins, Skin Rejuvenation, Pigmentation Therapy, Vascular Therapy, Acne Therapy and Wrinkle Removal.

Amazingly, the first machine to work on Grey, Blonde and Red Hair, also can be used on all skin types. (Fitzpatrick Scale 1-6)

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The NRG ICE Technology

The technology is ground breaking and will change the IPL market forever! Until now, not all skin types and hair colours could be treated, however, using our new ICE technology and Sapphire Crystal filter system is is possible to treat ALL hair colours including Grey, Blonde and Red.

Our unique treatment head forms an ICE film to ensure no pain and minimal or no reddening of the skin during or after treatment. Therefore, no cooling of the skin is required pre or post procedure.

NRG ICE offers you more varied and/or stand alone treatments to the one machine. Therefore, it is without question the most effective and cost efficient system available.